Punctal Plugs

Punctal Plugs

As the eye heals after your LASIK surgery, you may have dryness. Dry eyes are one of the most common side effects of laser vision correction. For most patients, it is transient and resolves in three to six months after your LASIK surgery with the San Diego LASIK Institute. If you experience dryness during this period, Dr. Pham our LASIK surgeon may offer you FREE punctal plugs. Some practices charge up to $250 for each punctal plug. At the San Diego LASIK Institute, we feel that if you need them after surgery you should have them for free.

How do puntal plugs work? Tears normally flow through the lacrimal system. The tears flow from holes called puncta. Much like the drain in a sink your tears flow through your puncta, into your lacrimal system, and then to the back of your nose and mouth. This is why when you cry you may taste your salty tears in the back of your throat. The punctal plugs work by occluding these holes. It is similar to plugging the drain of a sink. After our LASIK surgeon inserts the plugs, you will have increased tears in your eyes. This may help to alleviate dry eye syndrome after LASIK.

There are two plugs that your LASIK surgeon can insert after LASIK surgery. Dr. Pham can insert a temporary plug that absorbs over time or a permanent plug that can be removed after your dry eye resolves. Punctal plugs can be made with different materials including silicone. They are well tolerated after LASIK surgery and you should not feel them at all. They are so small that they are barely visible to the naked eye. The insertion of the punctal plugs after your LASIK is generally painless and takes less than five minutes. The level dryness that patients have is variable. Some patients have almost no dryness after LASIK surgery while others have dryness.

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