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Here are some of the compliments we have received from satisfied LASIK patients.  We enjoy hearing from our patients and always strive to provide excellent service and care. Not everyone is a candidate for bladeless lasik and the key to success is careful screening. Individual results can vary and at the San Diego LASIK Institute we take great pride in caring for our patients.

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The procedure is amazing! I HAVE WORN GLASSES SINCE I WAS 11 YEARS OLD - AT 48 MY GLASSES WERE THICK AND UNCOMFORTABLE. AFTER SURGERY I CAN SEE 20/20 - NO GLASSES! I am so happy I chose to do this procedure and would recommend it to anyone. No pain for me, easy recovery, and an "instant" improvement in vision. Thanks Dr. Pham.

Kelly A.

I HAD WORN GLASSES SINCE THE 4TH GRADE. AFTER HAVING LASIK MY ONLY REGRET WAS THAT I HADN'T DONE IT SOONER! You can't imagine how it feels to wake up and not to have to search for my glasses to read the clock. I enjoy swimming and water skiing. Camping is twice as fun. I'm looking forward to not having to make sure I have all the care products needed for contact wearers. WHEN YOU CONSIDER WHAT IT COSTS A YEAR ON CONTACTS, EYEGLASSES, EXAMS, AND SOLUTIONS, IT REALLY DOESN'T TAKE LONG TO REALIZE THE SURGERY PAYS FOR ITSELF. DR. PHAM AND HIS STAFF TREATED ME LIKE FAMILY. I work in a school as a teacher and picked up a pink eye. Dr. Pham even came in on a Sunday to make sure everything was well. Everything went great and I can honestly say LASIK HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE.

Diane F.

The surgery went very well; all of the staff was caring and patient. I am very happy with the results. I CAN SEE 20/15 AND I WAS LEGALLY BLIND WITHOUT MY GLASSES! Thank you very much!!!

Nick A.

During my procedure the staff was absolutely fantastic! Everything was told to me step by step. When I needed a little extra reassurance they were there with "a hand to hold." I was absolutely amazed to open my eyes and see without glasses! AFTER HAVING GLASSES FOR ALMOST 30 YEARS, IT IS AMAZING TO SEE PERFECTLY WITHOUT THEM! I CAN EXERCISE, RUN, SWIM, TEACH AEROBICS, AND WEAR ANY "COOL" IN FASHION SUNGLASSES NOW. I was extremely happy the following day when I didn't have to put on glasses and could see to drive. IT'S LIKE A WHOLE NEW WORLD AGAIN. AND I CAN SEE BETTER THAN DR. PHAM! Thank y you to Dr. Pham and his wonderful staff for a fantastic experience.

Kay S.

BEFORE SURERY, I STRUGGLED WITH GLASSES NOT FITTING JUST RIGHT AND CONTACTS THAT WERE ALWAYS UNCOFORTABLE. I HATED NOT BEING ABLE TO WEAR SUNGLASSES unless I didn’t care if I could see, which of course meant no driving! After surgery, it was an amazing difference. I COULD SEE BETTER THAN I HAD SINCE I WAS 13! I’m recommending this to everyone I know

Nikki N.

Dr. Pham did an excellent job explaining everything that was going to happen during my during my IntraLasik procedure. I was really nervous and he talked me through the entire procedure. I LOVE THE FACT THAT I WAS CHECKED BY DR. PHAM THREE TIMES BEFORE MY SURGERY. He answered all of my questions. During the procedure a staff member held my hand. It was what I needed to calm my fears. DR. PHAM EVEN CALLED OUR HOUSE THE NIGHT OF THE SURGERY TO CHECK ON ME. IT WAS A FRIDAY NIGHT! I DON'T KNOW OF MANY DOCTORS THAT WOUD GO THAT EXTRA MILE FOR THEIR PATIENTS. He is wonderful.

Lori N.

Dr. Pham was a great doctor and surgeon. I couldn't have hoped for better results or a smoother process than the Lasik I have received. All of my questions were fully answered. I'm really excited about my results - I ONLY WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS SOONER!

Cecilia C.

WAKING UP THIS MORNING FELT AS IF I HAD BEEN BORN AGAIN. EVERYTHING WAS CRISP AND VIBRANT. It has been the biggest miracle of my life to date. I am thrilled my choice of Dr. Pham as my surgeon.

Tracy M.

It is nothing short of a miracle to be able so see so well. The procedure was quick and painless. It’s almost too good to be true. I hope that the number of procedures that you have done here haven’t made you any less amazed at what an awesome accomplishment it is to restore someone’s vision. Thank you so much!!

Mary P.

Wonderful, Dr. Pham makes you feel at ease. I expected good things, but it turned out 10 times better than expected.

Jeff M.

The surgery was incredible. Dr. Pham did a great job of explaining everything, making me feel comfortable, and all the work they performed before the surgery and was very thorough. This made me feel at ease and as though the job they were doing meant a great deal to them. I FELT AS THOUGH I WAS IN THE BEST HANDS EVER. The greatest part of all was waking up looking forward with everything clear. I EVEN REACHED FOR MY GLASSES AND STARTED TO LAUGH BECAUSE I COULD ALREADY SEE CLEARLY. UNBELIEVABLE AFTER 32 YEARS OF WEARING GLASSES!

Shelly W.

I was nervous going in but the staff was reassuring and helpful. DR. TONY CALLED THAT AFTERNOON TO CHECK ON ME. UNBELIEVABLE! Unbelievable! He is very courteous and informative. I would recommend him to anyone. I am very satisfied. Thank you!

Bruce F.

Before my surgery I wore glasses. THE NEVER ENDING DREAD TO FIND, AVOID SCRATCHING, AND AVOID BREAKING MY GLASSES WERE JUST TOO MUCH TO HAVE TO BEAR. I was scared but the fear can be overcome so I did it. I would recommend anyone to have this procedure done by Dr. Pham. It’s like I was blind and seeing for the first time.

Christina J.

Dr. Tony Pham was so professional throughout this process. HIS BEDSIDE MANNER WAS VERY ENGAGING AND WARM. The whole staff is friendly, caring, and professional. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

Patrick K.

THE SURGERY WAS FAST AND RELATIVELY PAINLESS. I was surprised the next morning when I could actually see the leaves on the trees, not just a green blur. MY VISION WENT FROM COUNT FINGERS TO 20/20. WOW AND WONDERFUL.

Chelsa N.

DR. PHAM IS EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS AND THOROUGH. I never felt rushed at any time. Dr. Pham took all the time needed to answer all the questions that I had. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Mike L.

My surgery was everything I thought it would be. Dr. Pham and his assistants explained everything thoroughly. They were very professional and also very caring. I would recommend Lasik to anyone. Thank you!

Kurt A.

I have worn glasses for 35 years, since 6 years old, and have missed out on some enjoyment with my kids. This will give me an opportunity to enjoy swimming and other activities with my kids and a grandson due anytime. I want to thank Dr. Pham and his staff. Dr. Pham was very professional and does care about the patients well being.

Tami J.

I just want to thank you all! You are all awesome and really care about your patients. I’ve had glasses since I was 9 years old and now at 32 years old I don’t. Thanks to you! My vision was bad, I was very nearsighted with -9 to -10 vision. Now I can see!

Nicole L.

I had a great and professional experience with Dr. Pham and his staff. I was very nervous to get LASIK surgery. However, Dr. Pham and his staff make sure that you are well informed about all of your options and everything you will experience before and after the surgery. I SEE BETTER NOW AFTER LASIK THAN I SAW WITH MY GLASSES OR CONTACTS. I would recommend Dr. Pham to anyone considering LASIK especially my family and friends.

Teresa B.

Dr. Pham has been very attentive from the start of my first visit. I was scheduled to have surgery with another place, but after one visit and consultation I changed my mind. Dr. Pham performs all the testing himself. I then decided to go with him for my choice of a surgeon. The procedure itself was painless and complete within 15 minutes. Dr. Pham talked to me through each step and triple checed each test. The follow-up procudure was laso great. Thank you!

Thang D.

There are not words to describe the sense of wonder that I have 24 hours after LASIK surgery. I have spent the past 30 years hiding behind glasses and today a new world - clearer and brighter than I could have imagined! THE CARE GIVEN BY DR. PHAM AND HIS LASIK TEAM ARE EXTRAORDINARY. I cannot believe the confidence that they inspired in me for this procedure. Perhaps more surprising was the ease of the LASIK surgery – the creation of the flap was complete before I realized it started. WITHOUT A DOUBT THIS IS A TRUE GIFT THAT I HAVE BEEN GIVEN. I can recommend Dr. Pham and the San Diego LASIK Institute without hesitation. I don’t think that this type of service can be given by every LASIK company – it can’t. It takes a unique dedication and caring personality to achieve these kinds of results! I am 20/15 in both eyes. Thank you Dr. Pham and his team.

Alision W.

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