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LASIK Eye Examination

LASIK Eye Examination

A Comprehensive Eye Examination for LASIK with Dr. Pham may include:

  • A Medical History: Dr. Pham will determine will ask questions about your overall health. A question about a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, or systemic diseases is very important. A family history is also important to determine if any diseases may run in your family.
  • Ocular History: We want to know if you have had any infections, scars, or trauma to your eye. Any congenital eye abnormality is also important. A history of eye surgery will also be asked.
  • Eyelid and external exam: Dr. Pham inspects your eyelids, lashes, and conjunctiva.
  • Pupil Exam: A pupil is a dynamic and complex organ. It can tell Dr. Tony Pham a lot about your eye's health.
  • Extraocular Motility: How well do your eyes move? Do you have any double vision? The eye is controlled by six separate muscles.
  • Visual field: Diseases such as glaucoma can show a reduced visual field.
  • Visual acuity: This is a measure of how well you see. Typically the Snellen chart is used. This is where the notation 20/20 comes from. It is important to not that although 20/20 vision is usually great, there are instances where 20/20 vision is not the same.
  • Refraction - Check for myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism: Dr. Pham refracts your eye to determine the degree of myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism that you may have. He does this by positioning a "phoropter" in front of your eyes. He will often ask which of two lenses is better.
  • Slit Lamp Examination: The slit lamp is a device that allows careful examination of your eye. It provides Dr. Pham with light and magnification to see your eye clearly.
  • Retinal Examination: Depending on the purpose of the exam, Dr. Pham may dilate. The propose of the dilation is to provide Dr. Pham a clear view to exam your retina and optic nerve.
  • Eye pressure check: Dr. Pham will measure your eye's pressure.

This is just a small sampling of the many different components that may be part of an eye examination done at the San Diego Lasik Institute.


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