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Checklist for LASIK Centers

Checklist for LASIK Centers

Know How To Find The Best LASIK Surgeon

The following checklist was designed for you to have a more thorough understanding of your choices for refractive surgery. We at the San Diego LASIK Institute are confident in your decision to have LASIK performed here as we are dedicated to your complete ocular health. Make sure when you are evaluating other surgeons, you know how to make an informed decision.

At the San Diego LASIK Institute, we strive to give you the best and most complete evaluation of your eyes before undergoing LASIK surgery. In order to do that, you will undergo numerous tests to determine if you are a good candidate:

  • Technology: ​Does the practice offer all laser LASIK. Do they offer custom wavefront guided and topography integrated treatments? Our practice is proud to offer iLASIK with the iDesign 2.0 system. Learn more here.

  • Doctor Measurements: It is important to determine who does your measurements (refraction) for surgery. Is it your eye surgeon? Dr. Pham and his team measures all of your measurements. We triple checks most measurements before surgery. His philosophy is to treat you the exact same way he would like to be treated.

  • Pentacam: The pentacam is useful in advanced analysis of the shape of your cornea. It helps us to identify early corneal diseases.

  • Dilated fundus examination: Structures inside the eye are important to the long-lasting effects of LASIK surgery. Retinal changes usually have to be treated prior to undergoing LASIK surgery.

  • Follow-up examinations: ​We love our patients. We hope that through the years they become friends as well as practice family members. 

  • Enhancements: Our standard plan covers our San Diego LASIK patient family for a full year following the initial LASIK surgery at no additional charge. In addition, LASIK or PRK does not stop us from changing as we age. As we age, our prescription may change whether or not we have LASIK. Just like your prescription was different 10 years ago, your prescription may be different 10 years from the surgery time. That is why we have a lifetime commitment contract that is offered at an additional charge. 

  • Prescription Drops:  The US pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing and we were having many patients spend hours at pharmacies and sometimes large amounts of money on basic eye drops like steroids and antibiotics. We do not give patients all their drops. However,  we start most  patients off with an included antibiotic and steroid drop as well as one box of premium artificial tears. Many patients love this added convenience.  

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