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Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK

screenshot of iLASIK program

Tailor your vision! We are all unique and so is our vision. Just as no two people are the same, no two eyes are the same. Every eye has a different amount of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and (astigmatism). Custom or wavefront LASIK technology was originally used in powerful telescopes to see the stars.


We have specific abnormalities in our corneas called higher order aberrations. Traditional LASIK can treat the myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism of your eye but cannot treat these higher order aberrations. Custom LASIK is a significant advancement in laser vision correction because it can also treat your higher order aberrations. 


Custom LASIK with the VISX CustomVue Wavescan

 Visx Custom Vue WaveScan device

  • The Custom LASIK procedure allows Dr. Pham to measure the individual imperfections in your vision.
  • These imperfections or higher order aberrations are not detectable with standard measuring devices.
  • These measurements are 25X more accurate than standard measurements.
  • CustomVue is able to treat up to 94% of people eligible for custom LASIK over 21 years of age.
  • FDA Clinical trials show that it can potential give you better vision than with glasses or contact lenses.
  • In addition, up to four times more patients were satisfied with their nighttime vision as compared to their old glasses.


How does the Custom LASIK and the Customvue procedure work?

  • A wavefront is sent through your eye and reflects back.
  • It reflects back through a device called the Hartmann -Shack aberrometer.
  • This device compares the device to a "perfect" eye.
  • This makes a detailed map, like a fingerprint.
  • No two eyes are alike.
  • This map and information is transferred to the laser system that does the LASIK surgery treatment for your eye.


LASIK Iris Registration screenshot from program

Advanced Custom LASIK - Iris Registration


  • The eye may rotate when you lie down.
  • This rotation or torsion of the eye can be compensated for with iris registration.
  • The laser registers unique features in your iris. It uses this rotation to compensate for any rotation you may have during the surgery
  • It provides greater accuracy.
  • Only the VISX Star S4 system that Dr. Pham uses has iris registration.


The Other Advantages of the VISX Star S4 System

  • Variable Spot Scanning - accurately delivers different treatment sizes
  • Variable Repetition Rate - this varies the rate of the treatment to accurately treat your eye
  • closeup of a strand of hair in the scannerTissue Sparing Algorithms - preserves as much of your natural tissue as possible
  • Fast Treatment times for your comfort
  • Minimal temperature changes
  • 3-D Active track with auto centering
  • This allow combines to produce an advanced custom LASIK treatment! The photo shows a hair etched by the excimer laser.


iDesign Custom LASIK - The technology above has been improved by serveral upgrades. Learn more here.


Step 3 - Blade Free LASIK

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