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Advanced Cataract Surgery

Advanced Cataract Surgery

Currently, we specialize in LASIK and PRK only. We currently do not perform cataract surgery. 


Advances in Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery has undergone tremendous technological advances since the days of our parents and grandparents and is now better than ever.  This year over 14.2 million people will have cataract surgery. Thanks to recent advances in multifocal lens technology, patients may now have the ability to not only restore their vision but to also “see young again.”

Do you remember when you first had had trouble focusing on the fine print of the menu of your favorite restaurant or your computer screen? This occurs around the age of 40 because of changes in the natural lens inside the eye. The lens in the eye begins to harden and loses flexibility. This decreases our ability to focus on near and intermediate distance items. Regular activities such as reading a prescription bottle or using the computer become difficult or impossible without the help of reading glasses.

As we approach the age of 60, the lens begins to cloud inside the eye and becomes a cataract.  A cataract can cause sharp images to become blurred, bright colors to become dull, or make seeing or driving at night challenging. Once cataracts begin to interfere with a patient’s ability to lead their lives, we recommend cataract surgery to improve their vision.


  • Cataracts cause your vision to decrease
  • It can cause glare
  • It can cause halo



  • The lens is normally clear
  • A cataract forms when the lens is cloudy or discolored


    For most cataract patients, the thought of living without reading or bifocal glasses is something they experienced in their youth or only dreamed about. However, with new RezoomTM and Restor® multifocal lenses this dream has become a reality. These lenses work by focusing light on distance, near, and intermediate zones. The multifocal RezoomTM and Restor®  have different zones built into the lens that distribute light into the eyes to optimize distance, near, and intermediate vision.



    After Cataract surgery with standard lenses you may have good distance vision but near vision may be difficult.

    This illustration demonstrates how the cafe is in focus but reading the menu is difficult.






    The Multifocal lens has the advantage of having multiple focal zones that may aid you with both distance, intermediate, and near vision.

    With the multifocal Rezoom lens notice how the menu AND the distant cafe are in focus.




    Cataract surgery typically takes 15 to 30 minutes and is performed as an outpatient surgery. Patients will be treated with anesthetic and most patients have little or no discomfort. A small incision is made in the eye in order to use a small instrument the size of a pen to remove the cataract. After the cataract is removed, a new multifocal lens is inserted in the eye and the incision is closed without sutures. An eye patch is no longer needed after surgery.

    At the San Diego Lasik Institute, we offer both the RezoomTM and Restor® multifocal lenses. Clinical studies showed that 92% of those receiving the RezoomTM  and 80% of those receiving Restor® lenses report “never” or “only occasionally” needing to wear glasses. We are now able to offer a new array of treatments that we only once dreamed were possible. Every patient is unique and may respond differently.  Dr. Tony Pham recommends that each patient receive an eye examination to determine which lens option would be optimal for each patient. He can be reached at 1-619-298-2733.

    Please call us today to schedule a cataract consultation. 1-619-298-2733


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