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Frequently Asked Questions After LASIK Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions After LASIK Surgery

The San Diego LASIK Institute:

What to Expect after LASIK Surgery



1. Do I use drops the day of surgery?

Yes, Dr. Pham and his staff will you instruct you on the correct usage of the drops. The drops are important to promote healing.

2. Can I work the day after surgery?

Yes, but only if the Doctor says that your vision is O.K.

3. What can I do during the day leading up to surgery?

Anything you want, since this surgery does not require anesthesia. You can eat and drink (No alcoholic  drinks) what you want. You can even do computer work if need be.

4. Can I go to the gym?

Try to avoid any strenuous exercise for 7 days. If you have to do anything that involves perspiring, please wear a head band.

5. Are there any restrictions to bending over or lifting anything?

No. There are no restrictions.

6. What can I do right after surgery?

Go home. Rest and close your eyes. This will help the healing process for the first day. You will find that by taking a long nap most of the initial irritation from the surgery will resolve.

7. Can I go swimming or get in a hot tub?

Avoid any water in your eyes for at least 2 weeks. You can shower, but try not to get water in your eyes.

8. Can I wear any makeup?

No eye makeup for 5 days. Use new mascara after surgery.

9. What if I work in a dusty environment?

All ways wear protective eyewear if you are in a situation were you may get something in your eyes. Also wear UV Protective sunglasses for your outdoor activities.

10. Can I drive right after surgery?

You will need a driver the day of surgery. We often give you a mild drug for relaxation (valium) and it is recommended that you do not drive. You may drive the morning after surgery.

Step 7 - Alternatives to LASIK Surgery

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If you have any other questions please give us a call.

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