Blade Free LASIK FAQs

Blade Free LASIK FAQs

San Diego LASIK Corrective Eye Surgery Guide

LASIK is different for everyone. The team at the San Diego LASIK Institute would like to make your journey to clear vision an easy one. Like any good journey, planning and knowledge are the keys to a successful outcome with corrective eye surgery in San Diego. We wish to provide you with the tools to make an informed decision. This website is a good starting point for educating yourself about San Diego LASIK eye surgery. However, nothing can substitute for the information you’ll receive during a free LASIK consultation. Dr. Pham is here to help you determine whether or not bladeless LASIK in San Diego is right for you.

Step 1: Visit our FAQ's 101 page. This page will give you the building blocks to understand how your eyes work.

Step 2: Learn more about myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and how they can affect your custom LASIK surgery.

Step 3: Learn about microkeratome (blade) and Intralase (Blade Free) LASIK. Explore how Intralase LASIK surgery can bring increased safety and better results for you.

Step 4: What are some of the key things to know before surgery? Click here to read about 15 things to know before LASIK surgery.

Step 5:  Curious to know what the surgery will be like? Learn about the LASIK surgery procedure day here.

Step 6: This page will detail what happens after LASIK surgery with the San Diego LASIK Institute.

Step 7:  LASIK is not for everyone. One of our advantages is that we offer more than LASIK. Learn about other treatment options besides LASIK.

Step 8: Optional - Dr. Pham continually adds to this page. This page is designed to update people about some of the new and old developments in LASIK eye surgery in San Diego and abroad.



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