Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts are a smart and tax efficient way to pay for your LASIK in San Diego. At the San Diego LASIK Institute, we have helped many of our patients effectively use their flex spending or health saving plan dollars for LASIK. The process is very simple and we can help you maximize your dollars. Often, flexible spending account dollars are lost if not used by a specific date. The information below is to help you understand how to use your flexible spending dollars for LASIK. Please call us at anytime if we can be of help. (888) 453-6884

What is a flexible spending account?

Flexible spending accounts are provided by employers or employees in order to have greater control over their health care choices. In a flexible spending account, an employer or employee can elect to allocate a certain amount of their pre-taxed wages for their account. Since the amount is deducted before you are taxed, you instantly save money on the taxes you would have paid. Basically, you save on both income and Social Security Tax! This way, LASIK can help you reduce your taxes. Flexible spending account dollars get forfeited if you do not use them. The San Diego LASIK Institute will work with you to use your flex plan dollars for LASIK.

What is a health spending account? How is it different than a flexible spending account?

A health spending account or a HSA is very similar to a flexible spending account. The main difference is that most health spending accounts do not expire like flexible spending accounts. Health spending accounts allow you to use pre-tax dollars for your LASIK procedure at the San Diego LASIK Institute.

Is there a fee for using a flexible spending account?

No, there is no additional fee for using a flexible spending account. Flexible spending accounts are one of the most popular ways to pay for your LASIK surgery.

What is a flexible spending account debit card?

Some flexible spending accounts issue a debit card in which you can use to pay for your LASIK Surgery

What are the steps to using a flexible spending account for LASIK surgery?

We will do everything to make the process smooth and easy for you. A flexible spending account is often one of the easiest ways to pay for your LASIK surgery at the San Diego LASIK Institute.

1. We recommend that you determine how much you want to set aside for your LASIK surgery flexible spending account. Often, employers will automatically contribute a certain amount to your account. However, they may also give you the option to contribute an amount that you desire.

2. Determine when your flexible spending account expires. Flexible spending accounts often expire on a given date. Thus, if you do not use it, then you will lose it! If you have a flexible spending account that is expiring soon, the San Diego LASIK Institute will do everything in our power to have you use it for your LASIK surgery before it expires.

3. Come in for a FREE LASIK Consultation at the San Diego LASIK Institute.

4. Sign up for your LASIK surgery. Once you sign up for your LASIK procedure, we will give you a receipt and medical form so that you can take to your employer. Your employer or manager of your flexible spending account will then refund you your money or deduct the funds from your flexible spending account.

5. Enjoy your vision after LASIK knowing that you were able to use pre-tax dollars for your procedure!



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