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Office Photo Gallery and LASIK Guide

Office Photo Gallery and LASIK Guide

The San Diego LASIK Institute's Photo Tour and Guide

Welcome to our practice, we look forward to meeting you soon!


exterior view of the office building

  This page in our website will go over a LASIK consultation at the San Diego LASIK Institute. Hopefully, it will give you a walk-through from finding our building to scheduling a consultation.


exterior view of the office building with palm trees


Building Exterior - Our office is located on the 8th floor. We are in the same shopping center as the Mission Valley In and Out. We are across the street from the Mission Valley mall. There is ample parking in the front, sides, and back of the building. The largest parking spaces will be in the back of the building.


beautiful lobby in the building


Building Lobby - Please proceed to the elevators and go to the 8th floor. Once off the elevators, please turn left to find our San Diego office.


the waiting room's couches and table

Office Reception - Welcome to our reception! We are glad you are here.


our reception desk where you check in


Reception Desk - One of the San Diego LASIK Institute's Team members will greet you and give you paperwork to complete. This information includes a brief medical and ocular history.


our pre-test room setup

Pre-Test Area - We will do many different tests of your eyes. We will check your auto-refraction (prescription), corneal topography (mapping), corneal pacyhmetry (ultrasound measured thickness), and your custom LASIK wavescan.


iDesign advanced wavescan device

iDesign - The iDesign is AMO's newest and most advanced wavescan. This highly sophisticated device measures your eye's unique imperfections and designs a unique treatment for them.


our CustomVue WaveScan device


CustomVue - We use all laser and custom LASIK to provide our best results. The CustomVue is used for mixed astigmatism and hyperopic treatments.


one of our patient exam rooms (exam room 1)

Exam Room 1 - Our exam rooms have advanced iMAC visual acuity testing equipment that is professionally calibrated.



another patient exam room (exam room 2)

Exam Room 2 - Your doctor will do a physical examination of your eyes to determine if they are healthy enough for the iLASIK procedure.

another patient exam room (exam room 3)


Exam Room 3 - Please ask any questions you may have during your LASIK consultation.


 our financial consultation room with desk and chairs


 Financial Consultation Room - Our LASIK coordinators will assist you in financing and scheduling your LASIK or PRK procedure


our second financial consultation room with desk and chairs

Financial Consultation Room 2 - We have two full time coordinators to assist and help with the planning of your procedure.


our iLASIK procedure room and devices


iLASIK Surgery Suite - We are proud to offer you a state of the art iLASIK procedure room. We have the newest fifth generation iLASIK iFS laser as well as the newest custom wavefront upgrade to the Visx Star S4 laser. We have air purifiers and backup batteries for our lasers. 


our LASIK iFS device, the Intralase


iFS laser - We use all laser LASIK technology. The iFS is the fifth and newest generation of the all laser flap making laser, the Intralase.


  our Visx Star S4 IR device


Visx Star S4 IR - The Visx offers fully customized treatments. We have recently upgraded to iDesign which has 5X more resolution than other CustomVue treatments.


private quest rooms with couches and chairs for family members to sit

 We have private rooms for your guests and family members. In addition, we have specialized LASIK videos which help you learn more about your options.

private video room to view LASIK videos

Video Room


procedure viewing room where family may watch your procedure on a tv with your permission


Procedure Viewing Room - Only your guests and family members may watch your procedure with your permission. Keep calm and laser on.


Additional Photos of Our Office Below:


wall of framed degrees and diplomas

wall of framed credentials and certifications


our waiting room and reception area


our reception and lobby with beverage cart

Our Office

San Diego

2020 Camino Del Rio N Ste 808,
San Diego, CA 92108
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