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LASIK for Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

LASIK for Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

Although most people who consider LASIK surgery in San Diego are nearsightedness, there are many people who are farsighted who may benefit for LASIK surgery. People who are farsightedness have corneas that are too fat. These flat corneas may make it difficult for people who are farsighted to see closely when they are younger. When these people get older, the eye loses strength and these people may not see near or far.

LASIK surgeons have long realized that the treatment of farsightedness or hyperopia is different than the treatment for nearsightedness. A recent study out of Stanford showed that the Star S2 laser which is an older version of the Star S4 laser that we use at the San Diego LASIK institute offers a safe, effective, and predictable options for treating hyperopia.

Dr. Manche has his colleagues evaluated 41 eyes of 27 patients who had LASIK for hyperopia. Hyperopia was divided into low hyperopia (less than +2.00 diopters), medium hyperopia (+2.00 to +4.00 diopters), and high hyperopia (greater than +4.00 diopters). He found that LASIK may be an effective and safe treatment of hyperopia over a 5-year follow-up

People who have LASIK surgery in San Diego for hyperopia may noticed an initial overcorrection after LASIK. This is normal and many patients appreciate this because it gives them some near vision ability. As the eye heals, there is a natural regression of the treatment. Custom LASIK may potentially give better results but these studies are still being conducted.

Reference: J Cataract and Refract Surgery 2008; 34:232-237

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