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Lasik In Children

Lasik In Children

Ophthalmologists have used LASIK and laser vision correction for children. However, there is much debate as to what is acceptable criteria. Often, when LASIK is used in children it is to treat a medical disease besides decreasing dependence on glasses and contact lenses. However, when the eyes are very different, LASIK has been used by some ophthalmologists to treat the large difference in prescription between the two eyes. This condition is called anisometropia. When anisometropia is not treated, it can lead to amblyopia which may cause permanent vision loss.

A recent study out of the University of Calgary done by Dr. Huang showed that LASEK may be an effective surgical treatment alternative to improve vision in children who suffer from anisometropia. Dr. Huang and his group studied 53 children with anisometropia who had LASEK to correct their eyes. He reported that up to 63.6% of children had an improvement in their best corrected vision. Although the verdict is still being decided, LASIK may be an option for children who suffer from anisometropia.

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Reference: JCRS 2007; 33:3038-2034

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