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San Diego LASIK Updates and Blog

San Diego LASIK Updates and Blog

 San Diego LASIK Updates and Blog

This page is dedicated to informing our San Diego LASIK patients of new updates in LASIK and PRK research. Our doctors are committed to staying current on all of the research and publications regarding LASIK to provide our San Diego patients with the most accurate and current LASIK knowledge and technology.

December 2, 2013

Does Pupil Size Influence LASIK Surgery in the Modern LASIK era?

One of the most frequently asked questions during a LASIK consultation is whether having large pupil size will increase a patient’s risk of worse visual outcomes after refractive surgery.  Ophthalmologists at the University Eye Hospital in Tanta, Egypt, conducted a study to evaluate the effect of large pupil size on quality of vision after having custom wavefront guided LASIK using the VISX Star S4.  The study found that custom wavefront guided LASIK yielded excellent predictability in refractive outcomes. All of the patients in the study had significant improvement in uncorrected visual acuity (measurement of vision without glasses or contact lenses) after surgery and no patients experienced adverse events or complications from surgery.  There was no deterioration in contrast sensitivity (the ability to distinguish different shades of grey) after the surgery and some patients even demonstrated improved contrast sensitivity after surgery in certain testing conditions.  Moreover, wavefront guided LASIK was successful in minimizing the induction of some higher order aberrations (refractive errors not correctable with glasses/contacts) after surgery.  The findings from this study suggest that wavefront guided LASIK is an effective and accurate surgical procedure in patients with large pupil size. 

Khalifa, Mounir A., Waleed A. Allam, and Mohamed S. Shaheen. "Visual Outcome after Correcting the Refractive Error of Large Pupil Patients with Wavefront-guided Ablation." NCBI. U.S. National Library of Medicine, n.d. Web. 22 Nov. 2013.


The information is from the review of research and literature by the Orange County LASIK Institute doctors and presents their opinion of the available research up to date. It does not mean to take the part of the informed consent with a doctor and is used as an educational aide. This is not meant to imply superiority or inferiority of a laser system and each surgeon will have different results/skills with each laser system. It is meant to be a summary of one practice's opinions based on review of the literature. Effort has been made to cite the original research paper and source of research.

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